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Company Research

guide to the techniques and tools for researching a company

Filings, Reports, and Data

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires publicly-traded companies to report company information.  These reports are available online from the SEC's EDGAR database.  You will also find these reports in the library's Lexis/Nexis database. The following filings are the most commonly used by researchers:

  • 10-K: comprehensive annual review of the company's business activities and a discussion of the company's performance. Includes all financial statements.
  • 20-F: annual financial report of company's headquartered outside the US who sell securities traded in the US
  • 10-Q: quarterly unaudited financial statements issued every quarter except the quarter where the company issues the 10-K
  • 8-K: reports that announces events or important changes, as defined by the SEC
  • Proxy Statements: include details about executive compensation, described in Schedule 14A

The following sources provide access to SEC filings and other types of company financial data.