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Sustainability Resources: Organizations

Resources for use in ES 3301 - Environmental Science Seminar, ES 3303A - Sustainability, and other courses.

National Environmental Organizations

Many organizations collect and compile environmental information, and some even conduct their own research. When using organizational websites for research, be sure to be aware of potential sources of bias or agendas that they might be pushing. Look at the "Evaluating Information" tab in this LibGuide for tips on how to be sure you're using good sources.

The box on the left below includes Texas-based and important local organizations, but here are some major national groups; be aware that they may have some information on sites and projects in Texas:

International Sources

You can find links to many international organizations, as well as to foreign governments, in our International, Foreign, and State Government guide.

For general UN links, see this box, but here is a project of theirs specifically related to sustainability: