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Sustainability Resources

Resources for use in ES 3301 - Environmental Science Seminar, ES 3303A - Sustainability, and other courses.

Researching Local Issues

AlamoIt might seem counterintuitive, but unfortunately it can sometimes be easier to find information about a sustainability issue or project half-way around the world than about something happening in our local area. The problem is a lack of indexing and organization of local sources.

The newspaper is an obvious source of information and you can use the links in the box below to search some years of the papers. 

National and state sources can also be used to find local information. For example, EPA's Envirofacts lets you find reports filed with the EPA dealing with any particular area:

Scientific and technical databases of course will contain citations to articles (and sometimes the articles themselves in full-text) that deal with local issues. Consult the databases linked in other tabs of this LibGuide, such as these:

rightAgency websites can also be useful sources of information about local environmental topics. Guides to local and state government bodies, and links to Texas environmental agencies, can be found in the boxes on the right.

Texas Public Radio often provides programming on local environmental issues and this content can be accessed as podcasts from their website.

checkDon't forget the Library's catalog! We have books, government documents, theses, websites, and other resources listed there that can be of use for research into local issues. Check the Library Basics:Books tab for tips on using the catalog.

Access to San Antonio Newspapers

newspaperPrint Holdings of the Express News

The library has printed copies of the paper starting with 1988 issues. The most recent month or so is kept in print, and then replaced by microfilm. The microfilm files and reader-printer are on the 2nd floor of the Library. Ask for help at the Research Station if you need assistance using the microfilm.

Online Access to the Express News

Older issues of local papers

Trinity's Coates Library has microfilm of older papers such as the Express (before its merger with the News) and the Light. 

Other research guides