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EC3310 - International Economics

Research sources for students in EC3310 International Economics.

What's available on EC3310 class guide?

The EC3310 - International Economics course guide describes and links to sources for your research papers. 

The guide content includes:

  • The Discover Search tab provides tips for searching the Discover portal, limiting to academic sources, and tips for linking to Economics journals. 
  • Search Tips provides general instructions on focusing your research and how to use Boolean techniques to improve your search results.
  • Economic Data, Indicators, and Statistics links lists important sources of data and reports for economics research.
  • APA Citations discusses ways to cite sources using APA style and links to the free Zotero citation program.

You will practice using these tools in class.  Activity 1 and Activity 2 guide you in your search in Discover and one data source, the World Bank DataBank.

I encourage you to set up an appointment with me if you have questions about your specific research project. You can make an appointment via my profile. 

Related Sources of Information

The pages listed below provide additional sources for your EC3310 research papers.