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HeinOnline Guide

guide to the HeinOnline database

Hein Online Coverage

HeinOnline is a multi-faceted database that provides access to law journals, laws and regulations, case law, U.S. Federal and State information, etc.

HeinOnline offers a strong set of historical content including Presidential papers, congressional reports, United Nations and other organization papers and documents, treaties and agreements, and much more.

This guide provides an overview of the HeinOnline database. 

HeinOnline requires users to input Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) in all caps. FYI.

Thank you to the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library for providing access to HeinOnline.

HeinOnline homepage

About HeinOnline

HeinOnline offers extensive support via the Help menu in the database, including videos.

In addition, HeinOnline offers detailed research guides on topics. As of March 22, 2021, there were 51 separate guides on a variety of topics and database features.

Law Library Information

HeinOnline is a subscription database purchased by the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library. This box lists two guides that appear on their website and offer more details about HeinOnline.

HeinOnline News

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