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Psychology and Counseling Library Research Guide: Remote Access

This is a tutorial for psychology and counseling research in the library.


How to access the library's catalog and other databases from off campus.

Database/Journals Lists

Remote Access to Library Databases

  • 1. Who is eligible to access to the St. Mary's restricted databases from off-campus?
    Because of contractual restrictions from the vendors, restricted databases are available only to St. Mary's students, faculty, and staff from off-campus.
    2. How do I login?
    Your username is your ID number (found on your Rattler Card). Don't use letters or leading zeros. If your ID number is 000456567812 then use 456567812 as your username. If your number is s0005678912312, then use 5678912312.   This is not the same as your Gateway login!

    Example: 9876543210

    Your password is your last name. Type it in with the first letter capital and remaining letters lowercase. This is case sensitive and won't work if you don't type your name correctly. Use spaces, dashes, and apostrophes if your last name includes them.

    Example: Smith
    Example: Smith-Jones
    Example: De Leon
    Example: McNaughton
    Example: O'Bannion
    Example: Smitherish-Jones
    3. What if I have problems logging in?
    a. If you are at a place of business that uses a firewall, you probably won't be able to connect to the proxy server. Please try again from a computer that is not behind a firewall.

    b. If you use a personal firewall and you can't connect, please turn it off temporarily and try again.

    c. If your login is refused, please call the Reference Desk at (210) 436-3508 or use the Reference Ask-A-Question page. The librarians will help you check your login information.
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