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EN 5394 - Research in English and Cultural Studies: Home

Resources for students in this course and others conducting research in the humanities.

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  • Developing an awareness of potential consequences of technology
  • Developing a systematic questioning of the past, present, and future of humankind's relationship with technology
  • Framing and re-framing relationships between individuals and technology, society and technology, and the environment and technology
  • Considering issues of access, such as the digital divide
  • Questioning the impact of the production and application of technology on the environment
  • The Frankenstein Effect: how literature represents and reflects technology
  • Developing an awareness of new tools and new possibilities for using them
  • Developing skills in efficiently using those tools
  • Developing an understanding of social media as a research resource
  • Developing an understanding of social media ab-uses
  • Developing an understanding of terminology used in the fields of humanities research

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