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Immigration Policy: Statistics, Maps, Data

Resources for PO 3360 - Topics in US Politics: The Quest for Justice in Immigration Policy

Statistics Sites

More Map Resources

Thank you to Jennifer Hanson at Primary Source for recommending many of these resources.

Interactive Maps

Immigration Explorer
See how foreign-born groups settled across the United States from 1880-2000. Compiled by Matthew Bloch and Robert Gebeloff of the New York Times.

Where U.S. Workers Come From
Foreign-born workers by occupation or country of origin:

Where US Workers Come From

Compiled by Matthew Bloch, Shan Carter, and Robert Gebeloff of the New York Times

Interactive Graphic

Diversity in the Classroom

Demographic changes in more than 17,000 school districts across the nation 

Diversity in the Classroom

By Robert Gebeloff, Tyson Evans and Andrei Scheinkman of the New York Times

Data Sets

Government Information