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Journal Impact Factors

This guide describes the measures used to evaluate the impact of individual journals and/or articles in scholarly research.

Standard journal impact factors

Researchers seeking to find appropriate publication venues and librarians seeking to develop strong and influential collections often rely on resources that provide measures of journal or individual article use in the research of others.  Below is a short list of such measures.


Citation counts have been the traditional means of assessing the impact of  journals, individual articles, and the work of individual scholars.  Changes in  the technology of scholarly communication have provided additional measures to assess how information is acquired and used.  There are several resources available that utilize these alternative metrics (altmetrics).  Below is a short list of guides already created by other institutions which provide information about altmetrics.

Articles, Projects, and Blogs

Using  various metrics to measure scholarship is not without controversy.  Below are links to blogs, wikis, and articles that discuss assessment of scholarly research.

Publisher Provided Impact Factors

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