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Dual Credit Student Resources

Research resources for high school students enrolled in dual credit courses through St. Mary's University.

Discover: Find articles, books, and more...

Dual Credit students: You may search Discover from off-campus, but you will need to be on-campus to access most of the full-text items.

Discover at the Blume Library log

Use Discover to search almost everything.

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A-Z Databases

Locate or sort St. Mary's University subscription databases by Subject, Type, or Name. These databases may be searched and accessed while on campus.

Ask A Librarian

Book an appointment with a librarianNeed help finding articles for a project? Can't find the statistics you need for your report? Do you need the latest books on your topic? Ask a Librarian. Here are some additional ways we can help you: 

  • Help create a research problem statement

  • Identify related terms and concepts

  • Develop effective search strategies

  • Identify appropriate tools and resources to explore the research problem

  • Efficiently and effectively use research tools

  • Evaluate potential resources

  • Define the type of information needed to address the research problem

  • Locate data or appropriate information needed

You can contact us by one of the following ways:

  • By Appointment - Schedule an appointment to discuss your project with a librarian. These consultations can be brief (15 minutes or less) or lengthy (up to an hour). Consultations give you the chance to work one-on-one with a librarian to find, understand, and cite the best sources for your project. These appointments can be held via Zoom or in-person.
  • By Email - Contact us using the Ask a Question form.
  • By Phone - Call a research librarian at 210-436-3346.