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Discovering Discover

Overview of what Discover is, when, why, and how to use it.

Discover - Basic Search Screen

Discover is a service that acts like a search engine of many of the Blume Library's resources, including books and eBooks, background articles, journal articles, streaming video, and government information. The Basic search screen default limit is set to items Available in the Library Collection.

Discover search box on the Blume Library homepage

Discover - Advanced Search Screen

Discover = EBSCO Discovery Service = EDS

Discover search screen. Discover is also known as the EBSCO Discovery Services or EDS.

Why & When to Use Discover

  • Starting research on a topic new to you or to your students
  • Topic is interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary
  • Uncertain about which library databases will retrieve the desired information
  • Especially helpful for undergraduates, but helpful for faculty & graduate students, too

What's Included

What's Not Included

This list is subject to change.

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