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CN 8381 - Advanced Research Methods

Prepared for CN 8381: Advanced Research Methods taught by Dr. Dan Ratliff.


abstract sculpture depicting two people talkingThe CN8381 research guide explores resources for conducting a literature review to lead to a dissertation proposal. 

Topics included in the research workshop:

  • Articles, Journals, Databases - how and why to choose between Discover, PsycINFO, and Google Scholar
  • Books - locating book sources in Discover.
  • Borrow from Other Libraries - to use when the Blume Library does not have the source you need, ILL, Journals List, Worldcat.
  • Citations - various support tools for APA citation. Includes link to the Zotero citation software to manage your documents during the dissertation process.
  • Counseling Librarian - make an appointment or contact me with your questions

Review on your own later:

  • Datasets - sources for secondary data, primarily from U.S. federal agencies
  • Dissertations - various tools to find dissertations written by St. Mary's alumni or at other institutions.
  • Professional - associations and other information regarding the counseling profession.
  • Tests & Measures - tools to find test reviews and contact information 
  • Videos - locating therapy-related videos in Kanopy and other streaming video databases.

(Image: La Conversation by Guillaume Andreaux on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.)

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