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American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Guide

Guide to the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection database

AAS Coverage

The AAS database covers materials, held by the American Antiquarian Society, from 1691-1820 with some titles into the late 1870s. This database offers print titles from the colonial period to the late nineteenth century. The collection is searchable across series. However, the coverage is organized by five series that have unique content.

The 5 series included in the AAS database are:

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  • Series 1 is the first series. The focus is "broad in scope and covers all aspects of American society during this time period."
  • Series 2 offers titles from 1821 through 1837. Subjects include the "Jacksonian Democracy era in history ...  agriculture, entertainment, history, literary criticism, and politics."
  • Series 3 covers titles from 1838 through 1852. The theme is the "rapidly growing young nation, where industrialization, the railroads, regional political differences, and life on the western frontier were daily realities." 
  • Series 4 presents titles from 1853 through 1865. This series covers the US Civil War and other issues of daily life. "News from the battlefront can be found" as well as other topics.
  • Series 5 includes "over 2,500 titles dating from 1866 through 1877." This includes topics such as the impact of the US Civil War on daily life, Reconstruction, "the incorporation of the recently-freed African Americans into American life; a population that rapidly expanded into the Western territories." 

image: Courtesy, American Antiquarian Society

AAS Resources

The materials listed in the box gives more information about the AAS database.

Some additional topical articles of interest include:

Video About AAS from EBSCO

EBSCO covers AAS in this video from from minutes 20:57 to 29:50. The video shows how terms show up in documents, how to download in various formats, and how to look for images. This video is oriented for sales, but it does include helpful content.