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HS 4390 - Historiography, Method and Research

Research possibilities and tools for primary, secondary, and tertiary research.

Researching History Topics

photo of a person holding a touch in a darkened tunnelThis HS 4390 guide lists key resources for starting your Senior History Thesis project.

What's here:

  • Encyclopedias - background information and initial sources in encyclopedias
  • Books & eBooks - highlights how to find and use books available from the Blume Library
  • Secondary Sources  -  articles, books, and other sources on your topic 
  • Primary Sources  - primary sources in books, newspaper articles, digitized online collections
  • Borrow from other libraries - use other libraries to find or request materials we don't have
  • Zotero - free citation software to save sources and quickly generate citations and bibliographies in MS Word

(photo by Linus Sandvide courtesy of Unsplash)

"We're all made of stories. When they finally put us underground, the stories are what will go on." Attributed to Charles de Lint on Goodreads