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Resources for finding investments information


I created this guide to highlight investments sources available from the Blume Library. You will find our Databases listed on this page.

This page also lists related guides that provide more information on companies, economics, industries, etc.

rolled dollar bills, aka money roll

  • Education & News lists sources for more education and news outlets for investing and business news. It also includes a couple of definitions.
  • Investments Online lists sources for investments research and quotes that can be found online, for free.
  • Books & eBooks describes how to find books in Discover, lists some investments subject-terms, and highlights a few eBooks in our collection.

image: "money roll" by zzzack on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

Databases for Research

The Blume Library subscribes to a few databases with investment information.  This box lists our resources.

Articles, Books, and Research Reports
Other Business Databases

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