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Catholic Social Teaching: Classroom Resources

Resources for understanding Catholic Social Teaching and its application in the modern world.

CST Resources

Education for Justice

From the Center of Concern:

"The mission of the Education for Justice Web site is rooted in the biblical call of justice. As disciples, we are called to see, hear, understand, and respond to the message of the gospel and the manifestations of injustice that demand the engagement of our heads, hearts and hands.

Reading and responding to the signs of the times is an urgent call of living our faith today. Love of God and love of neighbor are one.

All Education for Justice resources are designed to promote greater knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching and highlight the connection between current world events and our faith. Living as a disciple in a globalized world requires both greater awareness of local and global justice issues and ongoing faith formation." -Education for Justice Mission Statement

Education for Justice provdes a wide variety of classroom and program resources to help educators make the connection to Catholic Social Teaching and promote our call to work for peace and justice. For access to EFJ resources, please contact Clare Acosta in Civic Engagement at 210-436-3714.

Online Videos

Various videos that use today's social media to convey the importance of each individual's role and participation in our communal, global fight against poverty and injustice.

What About Now

Local Videos

Film & CST

The videos below are available in the Blume Library. Contact Clare Acosta (Director, Civic Engagement) for discussion guides and additional resources.