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Catholic Social Teaching

Resources for understanding Catholic Social Teaching and its application in the modern world.

Pacem in Terris - papal encyclical

When the World Went to the Brink

One-page introductory essay by the Rev. Tim Eden, S.M., Ed.D. commemorating the 50th anniversary of Pope John XXIII's encyclical, Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth).

Eden - When the World Went to the Brink  

Books - Pacem in Terris (box 1)

Books - Pacem in Terris (box 2)

Seeking a Path to Common Good

Pope John XXIII Larry Hufford

This column by Dr. Larry Hufford, professor of International Relations at St. Mary's University, discusses the importance of this encyclical in today's context.

Hufford, Larry. "Seeking a Path to Common Good: 'Love thy Neighbor' Transcends Religious Borders." San Antonio Express-News 28 Apr. 2013.