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Historical Research

guide to select resource for historical research, including online digital collections, and print and microform collections in the Blume Library, including primary sources

Digital Literacy and Reference Librarian

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Anacely Lopez Murphy
St. Mary's University
Louis J. Blume Library
One Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, TX 78228-8608

Primary Source Databases

Blume Library databases that may be used to find primary sources depending on the focus of a research project.  Check out the Online Primary Sources page for free digitized sources on the Internet.

Microfiche and Microfilm Sources

The Blume Library has several collections of primary materials on microfilm and microfiche. 

Using the Microform/Microfiche scanner:

  1. Wake the computer.
  2.  Load the Microfilm onto the spools of the machine.  Or, for Microfiche, slide the film beneath the glass.
  3. Click on the "ImageViewer" software icon on the Desktop.  
  4. To view the image, select the "zoom in" option from the toolbar at the top of the window.  
  5. Once you have the image in place, click on "auto-adjust" to bring the image into view.  


Troubleshooting the Microfiche Scanner:

  1. If the light for the Scanner will not turn on, please turn off both the computer and the scanner by using the Surge protector on the floor under the desk.  
  2. When the computer reboots, the scanner should also reboot and the light should turn on. 
  3. When the light for the scanner turns on, you can turn on the computer and click on the "ImageViewer" software on the Desktop.  


Additional Blume Library Collections

Helpful guides related to history research at the Blume Library.