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Marianist Resources

The Society of Mary founded St. Mary's University in 1852. This guide will help you learn more about the Marianists.

The Marianists or the Society of Mary

The Society of Mary is a Roman Catholic community that was founded in France in 1817 by Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, a priest who lived during the French Revolution. In 1816, Sr. Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon, with support from Chaminade, founded the Daughters of Mary Immaculate, now known as the Marianist Sisters. Members of the Society of Mary worked in France and eventually arrived in the US in 1848 in Ohio. The first foundation in Texas was established in 1852 in San Antonio.

Marianist Collection in the Library Catalog

Curious about the religious order that founded St. Mary's University? We can help!

The Marianist Collection is fully cataloged and items may be found through the Library Catalog. The items in the Marianist Collection are cataloged using a unique call number system designed specifically for Marianist materials. Resources include Marianist periodicals; books by and about Marianists; biographies of members of the Society of Mary, including our founder, William Joseph Chaminade; histories of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate and the Society of Mary; and information about Marianist activities and organizations throughout the world.

The Marianist Collection is located on the 2nd Floor of the Louis J. Blume Library, next to the art exhibit area.

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Marianist Collection Photo

Marianist Collection

Marianist Collection

The Marianist Collection is located near the 2nd Floor entrance on the shelving range in front of the print periodicals collection and adjacent to the Art Exhibit area. Most of these items can be borrowed from the Library on the same terms as other books. We add to the collection as new Marianist works become available. 

This collection contains eleven main groups:

  1. Letters and Circulars of the Superior Generals of the Society of Mary, beginning with Father Chaminade. These writings are most important in understanding the philosophy of the Society of Mary.

  2. Basic documents which further explain the Society of Mary, its purposes and its methods. The Spirit of Our Foundation is the most important of these works.

  3. Asceticism and spirituality contain writings explaining the Marianist spirituality and the means used to achieve and live this spirituality (prayer, meditation, retreats, spiritual reading, etc.). Special emphasis is given to Father Chaminade's system of virtues.

  4. Religious life which includes the vows, various editions of the Constitutions or Rule of Life of the Marianists, the decisions of the General Chapters of the Society, special regulations for Marianists and vocations.

  5. Mariology, containing various kinds of books about the Blessed Virgin Mary, devotion to her and her role in different facets of Marianist life. All of these books are by Marianists.

  6. The Marianist Apostolate, the organizations it uses (e.g. the Sodality), its aims and methods.

  7. Education and sociology, grouping the works dedicated to these topics which have a specifically Marianist character.

  8. History, starting with the Society of Mary in general, and moving to works related to the history of the Marianists in the different Provinces, with special emphasis on the Province of St. Louis and the works in Texas.

  9. Biography, beginning with Father Chaminade and including both individual biographies of Marianists as well as collections (Biographical Sketches and Menology).

  10. General works written by Marianists which treat topics not directly related to the Society of Mary. Some are theses or dissertations. Most of these Marianists have been associated with the university at one time or another; some still are.

  11. Publications such as magazines and journals from the Society in general or various provinces.

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