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AE 5388 - Grant Writing

course research guide for Grant Writing 101; Fall 2018 course taught by Patricia Zibluk

What's included in the AE 5388 guide?

This class research guide included a variety to tools for researching grants and articles to support grant applications.

These topics include:

  • relevant article databases and tips for searching these databases for a research topic
  • services and citation help
  • links to grant writing sources including training materials, grant databases, and US agencies that offer grants.


These databases are the most useful to find articles on an education-related topic.  This AE 5388 guide focuses on grants that, primarily, focused on education topics.  However, the Discover database is a portal and includes a variety of topic.  Nevertheless, you may want to explore the full database list if you are looking for non-education topics, such as engineering, psychology, or science.  

Complete List of Blume Library Databases

Blume Library Services

Blume Library resources to 1) determine journals available and 2) request materials from other libraries.  

Citation Help