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ES 1303 - Geology of Natural Resources

Information resources and services for research projects for this course.

Environmental Information from the Government

PCGovernment agencies are major sources of environmental information. Laws, regulations, baseline studies, technical papers, consumer information—all these kinds of resources, and more, are produced by governments at all levels.

booksIn this page's righthand column, you'll find links to major websites within the main federal environmental agency, the EPA, and links to government-provided databases in the environment and energy. In this column there's a box with other important government links, followed by a box of links to Texas environmental agencies, and boxes with links to San Antonio government offices and regional water-related agencies.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a key agency for information about the environmental issues. Here are a few key EPA websites.

Water Agencies & Issues

San Antonio & Bexar County

Other government sources


Research Guides & other resources