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Government Information in the Study of Science & Technology

Covers major government science and technology websites as well as highlighting the Library's collection in these areas.

What's Included in this guide?

Scientific and technical information is of vital importance to the national government. Consequently, much Federal publishing and information-gathering deals with scientific and technical topics and issues.

It is obviously impossible to cover all the publications available even in a guide like this. This guide focuses on online resources.  However, the guide also highlights some print materials, now, that are mainly historical. The following criteria have therefore been used to select documents and web sites for inclusion:

  • Major agencies and other sources by discipline, primarily online
  • Major print reference sources, reports of important commissions, and notable series

Readers of this guide will notice immediately that no single agency is responsible for all scientific publishing; each subject, in fact, is represented by publications and web sites from several different sources.

Users of printed documents are urged to use the Discover or the Library Catalog. Some online material will also be listed in these databases.

Print Document Arrangement

The Blume Library became a U.S. documents depository in 1964. Most of our printed material, therefore, is of that vintage or more recent. The documents collection shelved on the 2nd Floor with Superintendent of Documents classification numbers.

Collection Limits

The Blume Library ceased receiving new tangible government documents in Spring 2016 and withdrew large numbers of tangible documents during the previous year.