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EC 3315 - Latin American Development

Resources and project information for EC 3315 - Latin American Development

What's available on EC 3315 class guide?

This Latin American Development guide describes and links to sources for your proposal assignment in this course. It is intended to serve as a long-term guide to these sources. However, you should plan to do additional research to fulfill the assignment requirements.

We will discuss the following topics during the research session on Tuesday, October 12, 2023. 

  1. Discover - Discussion and practice using the Discover portal to focus on international economics topics. We will discuss keyword development, limits, and disciplinary searching.
  2. How to use this libguide and do additional internet searching for statistics and information about project topics
  3. A.I. - We will briefly discuss how to use and pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence

There are additional sources that we will not be able to discuss in class.  I encourage you to bookmark this guide and come back to it later. If you need additional help, please connect with Blume Librarians to schedule a research session. 

Related Sources of Information

The pages listed below provide additional sources for your EC3315 research papers and assignments.