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EN 5395 - Senior English Capstone

Resources for the Senior English Capstone course.


  • What are my long-range and short-range career goals? Career counselors can help you identify these goals if they are unclear.
  • Is graduate school necessary for me to achieve these goals?
  • In my field, is it easier to attend graduate school directly after receiving my undergraduate degree, or would I benefit from a couple of years of work experience?
  • What is the cost of graduate school – direct (tuition) and indirect (loss of possible earnings)?
  • At present, do I have other needs that conflict with pursuing a graduate degree?
  • Will my job and salary prospects be enhanced by graduate studies?
  • Are there employers who would assist in paying for graduate school?

Graduate School Overview Sites

Why Should I NOT Apply to Graduate School?

  • Uncertainty about my career goals or career direction
  • Fear that I will not be able to find a job 
  • Desire to get rich quick 
  • I am burned out with school and studying 
  • I can’t sacrifice the time 
  • Other obligations or priorities in my life will keep me from being able to invest in my graduate studies


Thank you to the St. Mary's University STRIVE Career Center, for granting permission to adapt information from their handout, Selecting & Applying to Graduate School, for this Research Guide.