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EN 3350 - Introduction to the Critical Study of Literature

Resources to assist students in exploring literary elements and critical approaches in this course.

Selected Texts

Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism

  • Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism - Purdue OWL - Provides brief overviews of the following critical approaches: moral criticism, formalism, psychoanalytic, Marxist, reader-response, structuralism and semiotics, postmodern, new historicism, post-colonial, feminist, gender studies and queer theory, ecocriticism, and critical race theory.

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Research and Information Literacy Standards for English Literature

EN 3350 Course Description

EN 3350. Introduction to the Critical Study of Literature - This course engages students in an historical approach to literary analysis, an exploration of literary terms and their application, and an investigation of a variety of analytical approaches to literature including theories of formalism, poststructuralism, and eco criticism. Required for all English Majors and Minors, and should be taken as early in the program as possible. Recommended for all EA Majors and Minors.