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Engineering Research

describes way to find engineering resources, both from the Blume Library and online

Engineering Careers

The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides salary, education, and job outlook, and other detailed information on a variety of engineering careers.  The image below shows the start of list of engineering-related information in this U.S. Department of Labor resource.  

image from the Occupational Outlook Handbook for Architecture and Engineering Occupations


There are a variety of places to look for job-related information.  This box highlights resources from the Blume Library and St. Mary's University.

Blume Library Guides

The guides listed below provide other information about companies and careers. The Nexis Uni Company Dossier Tutorial walks you through the steps to create a list of companies you may want to contact. Includes geography (state, city), sales, number of employees, etc.


Accreditation is a significant issue for job prospects in engineering. 

St. Mary's University information

Related Information

Professional Associations

This list is selective.  The Occupational Outlook Handbook also includes professional associations in each occupation entry.