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Engineering Research

describes way to find engineering resources, both from the Blume Library and online

Background Databases

Background sources provide you with quick information on a topic.  You may need to learn more about a topic, develop better keywords, figure out the major researchers in the field, or other possibilities.  

Background sources in engineering may come from subject-specific encyclopedias, general science encyclopedias, or handbooks. There are many types of reference sources.

Reference Databases

Reference in Meta-Search

Discover is the Blume Library meta-search for articles, books, videos and other resources. It covers multiple disciplines. You can find engineering reference materials in Discover in addition to scholarly articles and books.  

Discover: Engineering

This image comes from the Discover database.  You can find engineering reference sources in Discover (such as encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, and other reference sources), Many of these sources will be available as eBooks.  

This is just one example.  You can change this search from the engineering to another keyword or subject. In general, it is better to search for your terms using the "select a field" keyword search unless you need to narrow your search results. 

sample search in Discover database. Search: (encyclopedia OR handbook OR dictionary OR reference) and engineering. Search by subject.