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Contact Your Elected Officials

links to local Senators and Representatives in Washington and Austin, as well as general links to help find and communicate with other officials

Finding your representatives

If you need to find out who represents you, check out one or more of these tools:

TEXAS For Texas legislators:

Communicating with your representatives

Some tips when e-mailing representatives:

  • send individual messages; "spamming" makes a bad impression and your message may be ignored
  • include your home address, to be sure your representative knows you are from their state or district (this is not always apparent from your email address)
  • The University of North Texas Library offers these "Tips on Communicating with Government Officials."
  • and the American Library Association's PDF "Library Advocate's Handbook" includes a section on "Dealing with Legislators"

Some general information on keeping tabs on government can be on this site from the Knight Community News Network and J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism:

Make your voice heard

exclamationThis website/tool (a play on the Latin phrase Vox Populi, or "Voice of the People") provides information on current bills and how they are faring in Congress. Some of their apps make it easy to contact your legislators in support or opposition to bills being considered:


This guide was originally developed by retired librarian Kathy Amen.