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Research Process

A general guide through the process of writing a researched paper or putting together a project that involves background research.

Research Basics - an open academic research skills course - JSTOR & ITHAKA

Research Basics - skills course from JSTOR

Research Basics is a free online course developed by JSTOR. Three modules include effective searching, establishing credibility, and citing scholarly work. Each module has 3 brief lessons, 3 practice quizzes, and an assessment at the end of each module.

Research Matrix

Save time and avoid frustration by tracking which databases you search and the search statements you use. Below is a matrix (spreadsheet) on which you can track resources consulted.

Database Tools


Zotero Guide

A research guide explaining how to use Zotero, the free citation management program. The guide was developed by Necia Wolff of the Blume Library.