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Women's History Month: Franzke Award

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2018 Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Award Criteria & Nomination Form

The Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Award was established by the St. Mary’s Women’s Caucus in March 1990 to commemorate the life and works of Alice Franzke, PhD, a professor in the Sociology Department at St. Mary’s University from 1982 until 1989. She was the coordinator of the Peace and Justice Minor program, faculty moderator of the Students' Peace Group, and a founding member of the President's Peace Commission. She was co-founder of the St. Mary's University Women's Caucus, was an engaged civil rights activist, and worked vigorously for voter registration and education. She was a tireless advocate for non-traditional students at St. Mary's, and was active with the Bexar County Women's Political Caucus, and the League of Women Voters. Dr. Franzke was the national delegate of St. Mary's University to the American Association of University Women. She was committed to human equality, justice and peace, and embodied the spiritual and civic values which the award commemorates. Dr. Franzke was inducted as a Scholar into the Academy of St. Mary's University in 1989. The award honors feminists of the St. Mary’s University community who promote peace, empowerment, civic engagement, cooperation, equality, and respect of all persons.

Any past or present member of the St. Mary's University community (student, faculty, staff, administrator, or alumni) who promotes peace, empowerment, civic engagement, cooperation, equality, and respect of all persons, is eligible for nomination. This page includes a list of past recipients. Past recipients are not eligible for nomination.

Selection Criteria:
• Demonstrates commitment to efforts to increase gender equity and empowerment within and/or outside the University.
• Actively engaged in efforts to promote justice and peace locally, regionally, or globally.
• Considered an exemplary role model of civic engagement.
• Works in a collaborative manner that respects diverse people and traditions.

Note: Please be as specific and thorough as possible in addressing how the nominee meets the criteria above. Please assume this is the ONLY INFORMATION the selection committee has about the nominee. We recommend that you compose responses addressing these criteria in an editable document before copying or entering the information into the online form.

Selection Committee: Rebecca Cedillo, Stephanie Harlien, Marcy LaBossiere, and Delia Von Muldau (2017 recipients).

Nomination form is available online at 2018 Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Award Nomination Form.

Nomination Deadline is Monday, January 29, 2018 at 5:00 PM. Late nominations will not be considered.

Questions about the Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Award nomination process may be directed to Diane Duesterhoeft at or (210) 436-3346. 

Video of 2017 Alice Wright Franzke Scholarship & Feminist Awards Ceremony

Video of 2016 Alice Wright Franzke Scholarship & Feminist Awards Ceremony

Video of 2015 Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Awards Ceremony

Video of 2013 Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Awards Ceremony

Video of 2012 Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Awards Ceremony

Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Award

Any past or present member of the St. Mary's University community, except previous recipients, is eligible to be nominated for the Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Award.  

Past Recipients:

Rebecca Quintanilla Cedillo (alumna)
Stephanie R. Harlien (student)
Marcy LaBossiere (staff)
Team HSS - Delia Lara von Muldau (staff) & Janet Belew Dizinno, Ph.D. (faculty) 
2017 Alice Franzke Non-Traditional Student Scholarship Awards: Juana "Janie" Contreras and Christina Lopez

Virginia "Liz" Garcia (staff)
Victoria Heffner (student)
Teresa Miriam Van Hoy, Ph.D. (faculty)
2016 Alice Franzke Non-Traditional Student Scholarship Award: Kathy Samms

Melanie Lira (student)
Clare Acosta Matos (staff)
Carolyn Tubbs, Ph.D. (faculty)
Sandra M. Vasquez-Kayruz, M.D. (alumna)

Grace Keyes, Ph.D. (faculty)
Adriane Meneses, J.D. (staff)
Julia Elizabeth Null (student)
Dayla S. Pepi, J.D. (alumna)
Richard S. Pressman, Ph.D. (faculty)

Jenee Margo Gonzales, J.D. (alumna)
Tanairí Y. Ochoa (student)
Rosemarie Wahl, Ph.D. (faculty)
Sr. Grace Walle, FMI., D.Min. (staff)

Cyra Dumitru (faculty)
Andrea Escalon (staff)
Alma L. Lopez, J.D. (alumna)
Ana Olivares (student)

Francesca Garcia (student)
Celine A. Jacquemin, Ph.D. (faculty)
Dorothy “Dottie” Laster (alumna)

Diane Duesterhoeft (faculty)
Sarah Linares (student)
Marisela Marquez (alumna)
Minita Santizo (staff)

Monica Cruz (staff)
Misha McDonald (student)
Leona Pallansch, Ph.D. (faculty)
Mildred Rodriguez (staff)

Deidra Coleman (staff)
Sonia Garcia, Ph.D. (faculty)
Vanessa Torres (student)

Tonya Hammer (student)
Patricia J. Mejia (staff)
Carol Redfield, Ph.D. (faculty)
Maria Elena Torralva-Alonso (alumna)

Antonia Castaneda, Ph.D. (faculty)
Rosalyn Falcon Collier (alumna)
Khushbu Patel (student)

Kiran Bains (student)
Caroline Byrd (faculty)
Vicki A. Williams, Ph.D. (staff)

Jacqueline Dansby, Ph.D. (staff)
Rebecca Flores (alumna)
Sr. Grace Luther, FMI, Ph.D. (faculty emerita)

Ana Novoa, J.D. (faculty)
Lee Teran, J.D. (faculty)

Amy Kasteley, J.D. (faculty)

Barbara Bader Aldave, J.D. (faculty/administration)

Sr. Ann Semel, SSND, Ph.D. (faculty)

Raeline Nobles (student)

Rose Marie Cutting, Ph.D. (faculty)

Blanca Aguirre (staff)
Louise Cantwell (staff/administration)
Mary Lynne Gasaway Hill (student)
Alice Wright Franzke, Ph.D., Sociology (faculty)