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Social Science Resources: Government Info

description of library and internet resources useful for research in the social sciences

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Social Science information from governments

booksGovernment agencies are major sources of  information related to society, and, by extension, to the social sciences. Laws, regulations, baseline studies, technical papers, consumer information—all these kinds of resources, and more, are produced by governments at all levels. In particular, the federal and state governments are prolific producers of statistics which can be valuable in social science research.

This page provides links to guides and compilations giving more details to help in finding government information, to major government agencies dealing with social sciences-related issues, and links to government statistical resources.

markerFor guidance in finding and using government information, check out the resources on the Library's main government information page. 

These pages are particularly useful for social sciences-related research (primarily national government sources):

Major agencies related to the social sciences

Many government agencies produce information useful in social sciences research. Here are links to some of the major agencies and sub-agencies in the U.S. and Texas government structures:

Federal Agencies

Texas Agencies

General US Statistics Sources

GPO PartnerYou can also find valuable data sources in our Government Databases LibGuide.

For more information on using Census data, see our Census LibGuides.

More Resources:

US Economic Statistics

St. Louis Federal Reserve databases:St. Louis Fed

Formerly known as Stat-USA:

The following sources include links to material that used to be in STAT-USA, a compendium of economic data no longer maintained by the Commerce Dept.