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description of library and internet resources useful for research in the social sciences

Getting Started

checkIt's important to have a good broad understanding of your topic before you start looking for specific information. The sources in the boxes below can give you an overview of your subject and help you refine your research strategy and find useful terms to use in searches.

Doing research in any field will always reveal unexpected complexities and facets of the topic at hand. Interdisciplinary topics can be particularly complex. Get a head start on the complications that will come up by using these library resources.

Doing Research in the Social Sciences


This LibGuide is a one-stop shop for doing research on social science-related issues, particularly for students in HO1302.

On this "Home" tab, you'll find suggested starting points for getting a background understanding of your topic, links to other guides, and library contact information.

If you are unfamiliar with the Blume Library and how to find books and articles in the Library and through our subscription databases, check out the "Library Basics" tabs. 

The  "Government Info" tab gives guidance in using government-provided information resources and links to more detailed guides in this field.

pen & padThe "Evaluating Information" and "APA" tabs give general information to help you decide what sources are best to use for your research, and details on how to cite and credit them in papers using the APA format.

Gale eBooks

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Psychology Databases

Guides & compilations

The Blume Library website offers research guides and compilations of resources that can save your research time. Here are some selected resources:

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This guide was originally developed by retired librarian Kathy Amen.