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BA4334 - Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Research sources for the individual research project in BA4334

Lexis/Nexis: Newspaper and News Articles; Company Profiles and Lists

Article Searches in Lexis/Nexis

I suggest searching Lexis/Nexis Academic in the "News - Major World Publications" file to find current newspaper articles reusable shopping bags and marketing.  

Lexis Nexis News search screen

This image shows the results of the reusable shopping bag search, limited to newspaper articles, and ranked by relevance. 

Lexis Nexis search results screen

Company Dossier

The "Get Company Info" box is a quick tool, on the initial Lexis/Nexis Academic database page, to find information on a company via the Company Dossier tool.  The Company Dossier contains research reports, financials (if available), lists of subsidiaries, and links to articles.  

You can find more out more about the many functions of the Company Dossier using the Company  Dossier Tutorial.