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BA 4334 - Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Research sources for the individual research project in BA4334

Business Source Complete: Academic Journal Articles and More

Business Source Complete icon

Nexis Uni: Newspaper and News Articles; Company Profiles and Lists

ESG Manager: Find Social Responsibility Reports and Data

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Look for reports about your company's ethical behavior in ESG Manager. Report types include:

  • ESG Rating Report - Report focuses on the "intersection of a company's core business and the industry issues that can create significant financial risks and opportunities for the company." Provides a ESG rating and details environment, social, and governance (ESG) issues for the company.
  • IVA (Intangible Value Assessment) Report – measures and analyzes companies’ risk and opportunities arising from environmental, social, and governance issues; rankings again peers in industry sector
  • Impact Monitor Report – assessments of ESG controversies including issues relating to the environment, customers, human rights and community, labor rights and supply chain, and governance
  • Industry Report – metrics relating to the industry in which a company operates, comparative information
  • AGR Report - "analyzes and rates the integrity of a firm’s financial reporting and corporate governance ... to help quantify risks around financial disclosures."