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PA 6300 - Quantitative Methods for Public Administration: Home

Resources and information to assist students in successfully completing requirements for this course.

PA 6300 Course Description

This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the principles of social science research design and the various statistical techniques used to manipulate social science data. Students will be introduced to various research techniques and methods utilized in all facets of the discipline from behavioral research to public policy analysis. 

Public Administration Background

The Master of Public Administration program at St. Mary’s University trains students to become highly effective and successful public policy leaders or analysts. Public Administration graduates are in high demand by local and state government agencies and nonprofit organizations throughout Texas and the Southwest.

A comprehensive curriculum promotes professional excellence and exposes students to classical works and methodologies in the public administration discipline. These courses are taught by highly respected faculty members and practitioners in urban management and public policy. 

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Public Administration: Department & Major

In Class Exercise

  1. Open an email message. What is your proposed topic?
  2. Search for an article about your topic by searching in the Meta-Search Box to the left, while the "Articles" tab is highlighted in gold. 
  3. Limit your search to "Full Text" and "Peer Reviewed" articles.
  4. What did you type for your search?
  5. Select a research article related to your topic or research method. Skim through the article to get an idea what the article is about. 
  6. Copy or type the APA citation information into the email message. You may need to edit this information. 
  7. In a sentence or two, what did you learn from this article that you didn't previously know? Try to write this in your own words.
  8. Consider this article's relevance and quality, including criteria listed on the Articles page. Write one or two sentences about why you would or would not use this article as a source for your paper, considering the article's relevance and quality.
  9. How will this article further your research?
  10. Type PA 6300 and your name in the subject line of the email message.
  11. Email this information to 

In Class Exercise Rubric

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