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PA 6300 - Quantitative Methods for Public Administration

Resources and information to assist students in successfully completing requirements for this course.

PA 6300 Course Description

PA 6300 - Quantitative Methods for Public Administration - This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the principles of social science research design and the various statistical techniques used to manipulate social science data. Students will be introduced to various research techniques and methods utilized in all facets of the discipline from behavioral research to public policy analysis. 

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Public Administration: Department & Major

Public Administration Background

The Master of Public Administration major, with a specialization in Urban Management, seeks to fill a need by municipalities throughout Texas and the Southwest for the training of local government managers. The St. Mary’s program is one of the few in Texas with curriculum designed to serve this mission.

The program promotes professional excellence and exposes students to classical works and methodologies in the public administration discipline. Our courses are taught by highly respected faculty members and practitioners in urban management and public policy. Among the courses offered in the Master’s in Public Administration Program are Social Responsibility and Business Environment, Financial Policies, Management and Organization Development, Organizational Behavior, and Urban Political Institutions and Processes.

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