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Local Area (San Antonio) Government Information

links to government agencies and other organizations and institutions in the San Antonio area

Local Area Government Information

This guide provides links to government and quasi-governmental agencies in San Antonio and the surrounding area, including the Hill Country.

For more detailed links, check out UTSA's San Antonio government LibGuide.

For contact information on the elected officials that represent this area, see the Contact Your Legislators LibGuide.

Several local libraries, including the Blume Library and Sarita Kenedy East Law Library, are depositories for U.S. and Texas government information. Here is a listing of these depository libraries.

Historical information

The San Antonio City Clerk's office provides a useful listing of past and present city officials, as well as other historical information and documents:

Texas Local Governments


Local Data

This can be the most difficult data to find, but this portal from CINow (Community Information Now) makes it much easier: chart

Local environmental data is relatively easy to find with these tools from the Environmental Protection Agency:

Traffic Conditions

San Antonio & Bexar County


sunThe National Climatic Data Center offers several datasets covering current and historical weather, and they have tools that can zero in on particular local locations. Their major portals are:

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This guide was originally developed by retired librarian Kathy Amen.