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ED 3350/ED 3362 - Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Areas and Teaching-Learning Secondary Methods

Guide for students in the education "block" course

Student Interdisciplinary Projects by Semester

Fall 2012 - Fall 2013 - Semester, Presentation, Disciplines, Grade Level

Fall 2013

  • Fibonacci Sequence (Art, Mathematics) 11th Grade
  • Proportions & Letter Writing: The Holocaust (Mathematics, English) 8th Grade
  • Ender's Game (English, Mathematics) 9th Grade

Spring 2013

  • Music: Using Music and Math (Music, Mathematics)
  • Shark Week (Art, Biology, Music) 12th Grade
  • World War II & Its Aftermath (History, Art)

Fall 2012

  • Constitutional America (English, History, Mathematics)  11th Grade
  • Elizabethan Era (Science, English) 9th Grade
  • Rhythm & Movement:  Poetry and Dance (English, P.E.) 10th Grade
  • Ancient Greece (History, English, Mathematics) 10th Grade