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BA 4334 - Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Research sources for the individual research project in BA4334

Nexis Uni: Newspaper and News Articles; Company Profiles and Lists

Article Searches in Nexis Uni

I suggest searching Nexis Uni to find current newspaper articles for the terms: reusable and "shopping bags" and marketing.  Search the default All News.  

After your initial search, you can narrow your results by location or geography, publication type, subject, industry, time, sources, language, etc.

Image of a Nexis Uni search results page

Company Dossier in Nexis Uni

The Company Dossier search, in Nexis Uni, allows you to create custom lists by company, executive, industry, or by uploading a list of tickers to retrieve lists by company or executives. The most popular search at St. Mary's is Create a Company List.  You can find out more information on this tool in the guide: Nexis Uni Company Dossier Tutorial.  

You will find the Company Dossier search under the Business category on the Nexis Uni homepage.