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EN 1311 - Rhetoric and Composition

Resources to assist students in researching and writing compositions.

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Research Starters

Research Starters is a feature in Discover that provides links to citable, authoritative summary articles for thousands of popular topics. Designed to assist users with their research, this feature was developed based on extensive studies with undergraduate and graduate students.

When a user conducts a search in Discover, a Research Starter may appear at the top of the Result List.  For those topics identified as most popular, Research Starters will retrieve relevant articles that link the user to related information and detailed bibliographies.

Research Starters content is curated from a variety of high quality sources, both proprietary and encyclopedic, including:

  • Salem Press
  • Encyclopædia Britannica
  • American National Biography 

View a 2:23 minute tutorial video about Research Starters.

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EN 1311 Course Description

Rhetoric and Composition - Emphasis on the composing process, including development and control of authorial voice through pre-writing, shaping, and editing of product. Emphasis on revision for clarification, organization, and refinement of product for audience. Required of all students, regardless of major, and should be taken in the first semester.