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Government Information in the Study of History

describes historically-significant documents in the Library's collection and important web sources for history

National Park Service


Here is a list of National Park Service websites that pertain most closely to archeology and anthropology.


The Library has some of the National Park Service's publications in these areas, especially if they pertain to sites in Texas or the Southwest. Here are some NPS series (note that Library has substantial holdings only in the Handbooks series):

  • General publications (I 29.2: ). Scattered throughout this general classification number are publications of various types, some of which deal with specific sites, mostly in Texas.
  • Handbooks (I 29.9/5: ). Each booklet gives detailed information on events and persons associated with a park or site; include national parks, national historic sites and parks and national monuments.
  • Historical Handbooks (I 29.58: ). Earlier series which includes detailed information on different historic sites and national monuments.
  • Archeology Publications (I 29.59: )
  • Park Management Plans (I 29:88: )
  • Anthropology Publications (I 29.92:  )

Some of these items may have online versions. If so, there will be links to these digital documents in the Library Catalog, or you can search for them on the National Park Service website.



Here is a list of Smithsonian Institution's websites that pertain most closely to archeology and anthropology.


The Library only has selected items in print from these Smithsonian series, but there are links to digital versions in the Library Catalog:

  • Contributions to Anthropology (SI 3.11: ), (SI 1.33: )
  • Folklife Studies (SI 1.43: )
  • General Publications (SI 1.2: )

Library of Congress, etc.


There are other agencies that provide access to materials. Some selected websites include:


The library owns other historic information produced by the Congress, the Library of Congress, and various federal agencies.  Some examples include the following:

  • America Preserved; a checklist of historical buildings, structures and sites. LC 1.2:H 62/7. 1994. Catalog of sites listed in the Historic American Buildings Survey and the Historic American Engineering Record; includes some photographs and other illustrations.
  • Historic America: buildings, structures, sites. LC 1.2:H 62/5. 1983. Contains essays on the work of the Historic American Buildings Survey and a comprehensive list of the sites recorded by the survey.

The Library has several books detailing the history of important government buildings in Washington. These sets are also available via

  • History of the United States Capitol: a chronicle of design, construction, and politics. Y 1.1/2:14620.
  • Capitol Builder : the shorthand journals of Montgomery C. Meigs, 1853-1859, 1861: a project to commemorate the United States Capitol bicentennial, 1800-2000. Y 1.1/2:14612. 
  • Glenn Brown's History of the United States Capitol. Y 1.1/2:14909. 
  • A Botanic Garden for the Nation: the United States Botanic Garden. Y 1.1/2:15000. 

Other Agencies

  • Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Y 3. H 62:)
  • U.S. Capitol Historical Society (Y 3.H 62/2:)
  • U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society (Y 3. H 62/3:)
  • White House Historical Society (Y 3. H 62/4:)