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HS 3305 - History of United States Foreign Policy

Resources to conduct secondary and primary research on U.S. foreign policy topics

Book Databases

Books and eBooks show up in Discover and the Library Catalog.  

In Discover, after you search for your topic, limit your search to "Monographs" to see books available from the Blume Library. The Library Catalog may be easier to use if you only want to see books available in print int the library.  

You can use WorldCat and/or Google Books to find additional book sources.  If the Blume Library does not own the book you need, you can request it by interlibrary loan (ILL).  

Three Versions of Worldcat

Search Tips - Finding Primary Sources in Books

Discover, the Library Catalog, and many other research databases use subject terms to help identify the primary topics of a book, article, or other source.  Subject searching will help you reduce the number of irrelevant sources in your results, particularly if you have a high number of results with your keyword search.  

Works on U.S. foreign policy often have the subject term: United States Foreign Relations.  You can add other keywords to this search or add specific subjects like the name of a country, war (Vietnam War, World War, Cold War), a century (18th century, 19th century, 20th century), etc. 

To find primary sources on you topic, try searching you topic (ex: Cold War, Vietnam, September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001) in combination with one of the following words:

Search Term When To Use It
sources generic term, often produces the most results
archive use with organizations, individuals and families
archival resources use with topics and geographic areas (counties, cities, etc.)
correspondence use with individuals, familes, classes of people, ethnic groups
diaries use with individuals and families
manuscripts use with individuals
notebooks, sketchbooks, etc. use with individuals
personal narratives use with names of events
personnel records use with organizations and military units
records and correspondence

use with organizations and groups

speeches, addresses, etc

use with individuals or groups


Example Search

A search in Discover, the Library Catalog, or WorldCat on the terms "Vietnam and sources" retrieves some books that includes primary source material from the Vietnam War era.

Two Versions of Worldcat