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Music Research

guide to resources for music research, both in the Blume Library and online

Find Scores

You will want to use a keyword search, in Discover, to find scores. Some possibilities include the uniform title, the instrument, the type of work (concerto, opera, quartet, symphony, etc.), the composer, any numbers associated with the composer (like the Mozart's catalog numbers like k 626), and more. Be creative. 

You can search Discover or the Library Catalog for scores. The example, below, shows a search in Discover.

Locate Scores in Discover

Steps to Locate Scores

  1. Search by keyword. You can put items in quotes to search by phrase (e.g. "mixed voices"), use Boolean operators (e.g. (symphony OR concerto), by the composer's name, piece of music, etc.
  2. Once you have searched, limit your Source Type to "Music Scores". This limit will find items in the Blume Library's collection and online.

screen capture of a Discover music search with the terms (bach AND (orchestr* OR instrument* OR piano))

image from Discover search with the Source Type limit Music Scores

Scores Online