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Library Resources


This page contains links to Blume Library's resources. Here is an overview of each resource so you can choose which best fits your research needs. When in doubt, start with Discover Blume or reach out to a librarian for assistance. 

Discover- This searches for scholarly articles in eJournals. There are full-text articles, abstracts, reviews, and ebooks. All the resources here are provided through EBSCOhost. This is a great place to start any search! Type your keywords into the box for a results list. Remember you need to filter your results. 

Library Catalog- The library catalog searches the physical books housed at Blume Library as well as the full extent of our holdings, minus what is available through EBSCO Discover. if you cannot find what you need through a Discover search, try here next!

Journals List Search- Not all the resources at Blume Library come from EBSCOhost. The Journals list allows you to look at every journal Blume Library subscribes to and choose one that fits your needs. Each journal will have full-text articles as well as abstracts and reviews. Select a journal of interest and start researching!

Library Databases- This list provides access to all the databases at Blume Library. There is a wide variety so you can choose which one best fits your needs. See the search tips for more information on how to best use the list.

We hope you find this page helpful as you navigate all the Blume Library resources. If you ever have a question or would like 1-1 assistance with research, please contact us!

Discover: Find articles, books, and more...

Discover at the Blume Library log

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Library Catalog

Find books, ebooks, movies, music, government information, and more in the Library Catalog.


Don't forget to ask a librarian for help if you have questions.

Library Databases List

Journals List Search

Looking for a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper?

Use Journals List to search for the title of a journal, magazines, or newspaper and determine if the library offers online access or print access to that publication.

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