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International Entrepreneurship

Course resources for EI4398 and BA8345- International Entrepreneurship course offered Fall 2022. Taught by Dr. Jeffery Johnson

Global Business Knowledge

Write a Business Plan


International Business Planning

This law school casebook examines applicable domestic and international law, U.S. federal international income tax rules, and the civil law legal system.

Multinational Corporate Strategy

Multinational corporate strategy : planning for world markets

Sustainable International Business Models in a Digitally Transforming World

The forces of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) in today's world are shaping businesses and calling into question the wisdom of existing business models. VUCA challenges businesses to digitalize and transform in ways they had not contemplated before. This book looks at how successful businesses have revitalized and innovated their business models. It illustrates through cases how these businesses have adapted to new forms of globalization through the lens of Business Model Innovation (BMI) theories in a digital world. This book's chapters are divided into three sections. The first section examines the existing literature, the second section focuses on business processes and behaviour, and lastly the third section presents four case studies of sustainable international businesses from sectors such the fashion and digital services industry. Paying attention to business decisions and outcomes, the contributors critically examine which theories and practices would be most applicable for a digitally transforming world. This book provides insights that will interest researchers and academics in the fields of sustainable business, organizational change, and digital transformation, amongst others. Its observations into sustainable digital transformation may also interest business leaders and consultants.

International Strategy

In a global economic system marked by continuous changes, companies should adopt their strategies to successfully manage international activities. Focusing on the most relevant issues in the international development of companies, the book proposes theoretical models and managerial tools to successfully tackle global challenges.

The Business Plan Workbook

The business plan workbook : the definitive guide to researching, writing up and presenting a winning plan