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International Entrepreneurship

Course resources for EI4398 and BA8345- International Entrepreneurship course offered Fall 2022. Taught by Dr. Jeffery Johnson


Welcome to the course resource guide for an International Business Plan


This guide is intended to provide preliminary research resources for students working on the international business projects associated with Dr. Jeffrey Johnson's courses EI4398 and BA8345. This is not a comprehensive guide to resources, but is designed to be a starting point for your individual research.

For additional or focused research assistance, please schedule a reference interview with one of the Blume Library Reference Librarians.

Potential Keywords

If you are looking in the Blue Library Discover or Google for potential resources, consider using keywords similar to 

international business

global business


business plans

corporate plans

the name of your country AND business

the name of your country AND an aspect of a business plan


This list is not comprehensive! Use terminology from your in-class lecture, textbooks, and understanding of international business