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Census Research

guide that describes major aspects of the Census, links to key online sources, and highlights print collections in the Blume Library

Economic Census

Other Census Reports & Tools

Note: In addition to the Economic Census, the Census Bureau published several popular survey, which are listed on the Guide to Data Sources.  Some of these include: the Annual Survey of Manufactures, Annual Wholesale Trade Survey, County Business Patterns, Current Industrial Reports, Service Annual Survey, and Survey of Business Owners.

Agriculture Census

Note: Starting with the 1992 Agriculture Census, this data is produced by the Agriculture Department.

Economic Census Comparability

Comparability of statistics

Comparability over time is possible, to some extent, with the Economic Censuses. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) scheme, by which most information in the reports was organized through 1992, underwent a drastic revision in 1972. Comparability of recent data with that from Censuses dated before this time, therefore, is essentially impossible. The introduction of North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) in 1997 presents other continuity problems. Finally, there is also some variation of geographical definitions from census to census.

More information on comparability can be found in History of the Economic Censuses. C 3.253/3:982,987,992,997, includes chapters on comparability of statistics over time as well as discussions of data gathering, sample forms, definitions, etc., for the years indicated. The chapter in the 1997 edition on the NAICS system is particularly important for issues of comparability with previous Censuses, which used the SIC system.

For more details on Census geography look at the Geographic Reference Manuals. C 3.253:EC [yr.]-R-1, which gives numerical codes used to identify counties, places, metropolitan areas, etc. Editions for the 1977,1982, 1987 and 1992 Censuses are available.

Print: Economic Census

​The Economic Censuses are a set of surveys of economic activity taken every five years.The Blume Library has reports in some series back to 1963. The yearly schedule has shifted somewhat, but for most of this period the Censuses are dated in years ending in -2 or -7. For example: 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, etc.

The 2002 Economic Census is the last one for which the Library has printed or CD reports. We will not be receiving data in tangible form for later dates. More recent data is available from the Census Bureau website.

CDs and DVDs must be requested at the Circulation Counter and may be checked out by St. Mary's students, faculty and staff for 7 days. Non-St. Mary's users may use them in the Library. They are located in a filing cabinet in the Government Documents area, in the Blume Library office.

Print: Other Economic Census Publications

Print: Other Economic Reports

The Census Bureau conducts other surveys of economic activity in addition to the Economic Censuses. Most of these series are annual.