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HS 3373 - The Near, the Middle East and the West

Resources to conduct primary and secondary research on the Near, Middle East and the West.

The HS 3373 - The Near, the Middle East and the West guide lists key resources for starting your research project.

Background Information




Primary Sources

Interlibrary Loan


The tabs along the left side lead to tips for finding:

  • Background Information - links to encyclopedias to help establish context for your topic, tertiary sources
  • Articles - journals articles, magazines, etc. The Newspapers subpage links to the all sorts of newspaper sources.
  • Books - how to find books and eBooks at the Blume Library and beyond
  • Videos - describes streaming video databases and sources online
  • Primary Sources - both collected in print and digitized, includes governmental sources like FRUS
  • Borrow from Other Libraries - Interlibrary Loan (ILL), WorldCat, and getting a public library card
  • Citations - ways to use Discover and other tools like Zotero to help you with your paper citations

On the page below, you can find a short tutorial to get started searching in Discover and a bookmark to help you evaluate sources as you conduct research. 

Evaluating Resources

Evaluating Sources

a craapy guide to evaluating resources