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Catalog of maps in the Blume Library and links to find more maps on the Web.

How to use the Catalog

The maps listed on this page are divided into three categories, each with its own box: 

  • Maps covering the whole continent of North America and large regions within it
  • Maps covering Canada as a whole and regions of Canada
  • Maps coverning individual provinces


The numbers given after the title, authoring agency and date for each map give its location in the Map File Case.  The first two numbers of the three-part number for each map refer to groups of folders within the Map File Case.  The final number is a unique sequential number for the particular map.

Remember that the maps listed here are only the large maps (substantially larger than standard letter-size) that are filed in the Map File Case.  For information on other map locations in the Blume Library, see our main Maps Page.

North America: Continent and Regions

Canada, USA, Mexico: North American Environmental Atlas, Mapping our Shared Environment. 2010. MAP FILE: 09-1-600.2

Gulf of Mexico: a geography of offshore oil. National Geographic, 2010. MAP FILE: 09-01-604.3

Heart of the Rockies. National Geographic, 1995. MAP FILE: 09-1-604.2

History of the Land. National Geographic, 2006. MAP FILE:

National Parks. National Geographic, 1958. MAP FILE: 09-01-602.1

Natural Hazards of North America. National Geographic, 1998. MAP FILE: 09-01-600.1

North America. National Geographic, 1942. MAP FILE: 09-01-600

North America Before Columbus. National Geographic, 1972. MAP FILE: 09-01-603

North America in the Age of Dinosaurs. National Geographic, 1993. MAP FILE: 09-01-601

North American Indian Languages. American Ethnological Society, 1966. MAP FILE: 09-01-604.1

Vacationlands. National Geographic, 1966. MAP FILE: 09-01-602.2


Atlantic Canada (Making of Canada Series). National Geographic, 1993. MAP FILE: 09-02-611.4

British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon Territory. National Geographic, 1978. MAP FILE: 09-02-613.1

Canada. National Geographic, 1936. MAP FILE: 09-02-605.1,2

Canada. National Geographic, 1961. MAP FILE: 09-02-607

Canada, Alaska, & Greenland. National Geographic, 1947. MAP FILE: 09-02-606.1

Canada's Vacationlands. National Geographic, 1985. MAP FILE: 09-02-608

Central Canada. National Geographic, 1963. MAP FILE: 09-02-612

Eastern Canada. National Geographic, 1967. MAP FILE: 09-02-611

The North (Making of Canada Series). National Geographic, 1997. MAP FILE: 09-02-613.3

Northern Canada. (Area Outline Map.) DMA, 1963. MAP FILE: 09-02-614

Prairie Provinces. National Geographic, 1994. MAP FILE: 09-2-610.2

Quebec, Newfoundland. National Geographic, 1980. MAP FILE: 09-02-611.1

Saskatchewan, Manitoba. National Geographic, 1979. MAP FILE: 09-02-610

Western Canada. National Geographic, 1966. MAP FILE: 09-02-613

Canadian Provinces

British Columbia. (Making of Canada Series) National Geographic, 1992. MAP FILE: 09-02-613.2

Ontario (Making of Canada Series). National Geographic, 1996. MAP FILE: 09-02-609.1

Ontario. National Geographic, 1978. MAP FILE: 09-02-609

Quebec (Making of Canada Series). National Geographic, 1991. MAP FILE: 09-02-611.3

Quebec. National Geographic, 1991. MAP FILE: 09-02-611.2