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Catalog of maps in the Blume Library and links to find more maps on the Web.

How to use the Catalog

The maps listed on this page are divided into three categories, each with its own box. There are also separate boxes for the Middle East region (on the right) and for cities in China (at the bottom of this column).

  • Maps covering the whole continent
  • Maps covering a region
  • Maps coverning individual countries


The numbers given after the title, authoring agency and date for each map give its location in the Map File Case.  The first two numbers of the three-part number for each map refer to groups of folders within the Map File Case.  The final number is a unique sequential number for the particular map.

Remember that the maps listed here are only the large maps (substantially larger than standard letter-size) that are filed in the Map File Case.  For information on other map locations in the Blume Library, see our main Maps Page.

Whole Continent

Asia and Adjacent Areas.  National Geographic, 1951. MAP FILE: 06-01-303

Asia and Adjacent Areas.  National Geographic, 1959. MAP FILE: 06-01-304

Asia and Adjoining Europe. National Geographic, 1921.  MAP FILE: 06-01-300


NOTE:  All maps covering the Middle East region of Asia are listed in the box below.  Other maps dealing with this region, but that also include parts of Africa or Europe, are listed in the Intercontinental Regions section of the Map Catalog.

Afghanistan and Pakistan. National Geographic, 2001. MAP FILE: 06-02-337.4 Afghanistan-Pakistan Administrative Divisions. CIA, 2011. MAP FILE: 06-02-337.8B

Afghanistan-Pakistan: Central Border Area. CIA, 2008. MAP FILE: 06-02-337.6

Asia-Pacific. National Geographic, 1989. MAP FILE: 06-02-333.1

Caspian Region. National Geographic, 1999. MAP FILE: 02-02-337.3

China-Vietnam Boundary Markers. CIA, 1979. MAP FILE: 06-02-336.1

East Asia. CIA, 1997, 2004. MAP FILE: 06-02-326, 326.1

Eastern Asia. CIA, 1984. MAP FILE: 06-02-327

Far East. National Geographic, 1952. MAP FILE: 06-02-325

Kashmir Region. CIA, 2004. MAP FILE: 06-02-337.5

Major Ethnic Groups in Central Asia. CIA, 1992. MAP FILE: 06-02-337.2

Mount Everest. National Geographic, 1988. MAP FILE: 06-02-330

Northeast Asia. CIA, 1992. MAP FILE: 06-02-328

Registered Afghan Refugees in Pakistan. CIA, 1987. MAP FILE: 06-02-337

South Asia. CIA, 1985. MAP FILE: 06-02-336

South Asia. National Geographic, 1997. MAP FILE: 06-02-336.2

South Asia, with Afghanistan and Burma. National Geographic, 1984. MAP FILE: 06-02-329

South China Sea. CIA, 1995. MAP FILE: 06-02-333.2

Southeast Asia. National Geographic, 1944. MAP FILE: 06-02-330.1

Southeast Asia. National Geographic, 1955. MAP FILE: 06-02-331.1

Southeast Asia. National Geographic, 1968. MAP FILE: 06-02-333

Southeast Asia: Monsoon Latitudes. National Geographic, 2009. MAP FILE: 06-02-333.2A

Southwest Asia. CIA, 1988. MAP FILE: 06-02-334.1,2

Southwest Asia. CIA, 1996. MAP FILE: 06-02-335.2

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Eastern Thailand. National Geographic, 1964. MAP FILE: 06-02-335

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. National Geographic, 1967. MAP FILE: 06-02-335.2

Individual Countries

Afghanistan. CIA, 1982. MAP FILE: 06-03-350.1

Afghanistan. CIA, 1982. MAP FILE: 06-03-350.2

Afghanistan: Country Profile. CIA, 2012. MAP FILE: 06-03-350.6

Afghanistan Districts. CIA, 2003. MAP FILE: 06-03-350.5

Afghanistan. Major Insurgent Groups. CIA, 1985. MAP FILE: 06-03-350.3

Afghanistan. Pushtun Territory. CIA, 1979. MAP FILE: 06-03-350.4

Burma. CIA, 1990. MAP FILE: 06-03-351

Cambodia. CIA, 1986. MAP FILE: 06-03-352

NOTE: we have some maps of Chinese cities, mostly from the 1980's. See the box below on the left.

China. National Geographic, 1945. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.1

China. CIA, 1979. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.05A,06

China. CIA, 1980. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.13

China. National Geographic, 1990. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.2

China. CIA, 1996. MAP FILE: 6-3-353.2

China Coast and Korea. National Geographic, 1953. MAP FILE: 06-02-334

China. Nepal. CIA, 1980. MAP FILE: 06-04-365/5

China. Railroads. CIA, 1982. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.07

China, Republic of (Taiwan). Army Topographic Command, no date. MAP FILE: 06-05-370.5A,B

India and Burma. National Geographic, 1946. MAP FILE: 06-03-355.1

India. Northeast India. CIA, 1991. MAP FILE: 06-03-355.2

Indonesia. National Geographic, 1996. MAP FILE: 06-03-356

Indonesia: Timor. CIA, 1999. MAP FILE: 06-03-356.1

Iran. CIA, 1996. MAP FILE: 06-03-357, 357.1

Iran: Born at the Crossroads. MAP FILE: 06-03-357.3

Iran: Country Profile. CIA, 2004. MAP FILE: 06-03-357.2

Iraq. CIA, 1978. MAP FILE: 06-03-358, 358.1

Iraq. CIA, 1994, 2003, 2004. MAP FILE: 06-03-358.2-5

Iraq. Central and Southern Iraq. CIA, 2004. MAP FILE: 06-03-358.7,8

Israel. CIA, 1978. MAP FILE: 06-03-359

Israel. Survey of Israel, 1963. MAP FILE: 06-03-359.10/north, south

Israel. Archeology of Jerusalem. Pictorial Archive, 1980. MAP FILE: 06-03-359.2

Israel. Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099-1291. Survey of Israel, 1972. MAP FILE: 06-03-359.9

Israel. Jerusalem and Vicinity. CIA, 1993. MAP FILE: 06-03-359.3

Israel. Jerusalem. National Geographic, 1996. MAP FILE: 06-03-359.4

Israel. Palestine during the Period of the Judges. Westminster Press, n.d. MAP FILE: 06-03-359.11

Israel. Touring Map (northern and southern sheets. Survey of Israel, 1976. MAP FILE: 06-03-359.7/north, south

Israel. Student Map A, B: Patriarachs through Ezra-Nehemiah; Ezra-Nehemiah through Justinian. American Schools of Oriental Research, n.d. MAP FILE: 06-03-359.8A,B

Japan. CIA, 1944. MAP FILE: 06-03-360.1

Japan and Korea. National Geographic, 1945. MAP FILE: 06-03-360.2

Japan. Army Map Service, 1953. MAP FILE: 06-03-360.4

Japan. CIA, 1971. MAP FILE: 06-03-360

Japan. National Geographic, 1984. MAP FILE: 06-03-360.3

Japan. Army Topographic Command, no date. MAP FILE: 06-03-360.5

Japan. Okinawa. Army MAP FILE: 03-02-143

Jordan. CIA, 1986. MAP FILE: 06-03-360.7

Korea. Southern Korea. Army, no date. MAP FILE: 06-03-362

Korean Peninsula. CIA, 1976. MAP FILE: 06-03-362.1

North Korea. CIA, 1972. MAP FILE: 06-03-361.1364.2,3

Two Koreas. National Geographic, 2003. MAP FILE: 06-03-363

Lebanon. CIA, 1983,1985. MAP FILE: 06-03-

Malaysia and Brunei. CIA, 1980. MAP FILE: 06-04-365

Mongolia. CIA, 1978. MAP FILE: 06-04-365.2

Nepal. Everest 50. National Geographic. MAP FILE: 06-04-365.6

Nepal. CIA, 1968. MAP FILE: 06-04-365.5

Pakistan. CIA, 1973. MAP FILE: 06-04-366

Philippines. National Geographic, 1945. MAP FILE: 06-04-367.1

Philippines. CIA, 1973. MAP FILE: 06-04-367.2

Philippines. National Geographic, 1986. MAP FILE: 06-04-367.3

Philippines. CIA, 1990. MAP FILE: 06-04-367.4

Russia & the Newly Independent Nations of the Former Soviet Union. National Geographic, 1993. MAP FILE: 06-04-369.10

Russia.  Moscow. CIA, 1990. MAP FILE: 06-04-369.09A

Moscow. CIA, 1986. MAP FILE: 06-04-369.09

Soviet Union. CIA, 1986. MAP FILE: 06-04-369.14

Soviet Union. CIA, 1988. MAP FILE: 06-04-369.06

Soviet Union. National Geographic, 1990. MAP FILE: 06-04-369

Soviet Union, Administrative Divisions. CIA, 1989. MAP FILE: 06-04-369.05

Street Map of Leningrad. CIA, 1977. MAP FILE: 06-04-369.11

Travel Restrictions. CIA, 1981. MAP FILE: 06-04-369.16

USSR in Maps. Army Topographic Command, no date. MAP FILE: 6-04-369.08

Saudi Arabia. CIA, 1979. MAP FILE: 06-04-368

Singapore. CIA, 1994. MAP FILE: 06-4-368s

Syria. CIA, 1979. MAP FILE: 06-05-370.1

Syria. CIA, 1980. MAP FILE: 06-05-370

Syria. CIA, 1985. MAP FILE: 06-05-370.2,3

Syria. CIA, 2004. MAP FILE: 06-05-370.4

Syria:country profile. CIA, 2011. MAP FILE: 06-05-370.4/PRO.

Turkey. CIA, 1974. MAP FILE: 06-05-372

Turkey. Republic of Turkey. CIA, 2002. MAP FILE: 06-05-373

USSR see Soviet Union.

Ukraine. Street Map of Central Kiev. CIA, 1978. MAP FILE: 06-04-369.17

Yemen. CIA, 1979. MAP FILE: 06-05-374

Yemens. CIA, 1984. MAP FILE: 06-05-374.1,2

Yemen. CIA, 2002. MAP FILE: 06-05-375

Middle East Region

Bible Lands, Cradle of Western Civilization. National Geographic, 1946. MAP FILE: 06-02-344.2

Bible Lands. National Geographic, 1938. MAP FILE: 06-02-344.1

Eastern Mediterranean. National Geographic, 1978. MAP FILE: 06-02-341

Gaza Strip. CIA, 1993,2005. MAP FILE: 06-02-345.2,3

Golan Heights. CIA, 1991. MAP FILE: 06-02-348

Gulf War Zone. Newsweek, n.d. MAP FILE: 06-02-342.2

Holy Land. National Geographic, 1989. MAP FILE: 06-02-344.3

Iraq-Iran. Border Areas. CIA.  MAP FILE: 06-02-346

Iraq-Saudi Arabia Boundary (Kuwait & vicinity). CIA, 1991. MAP FILE: 06-02-342.1

Israel. Jerusalem and Vicinity. CIA, 1984,1993. MAP FILE: 06-02-359.1,/993

Israel with Jordan. Bartholomew, 1969. MAP FILE: 06-02-341.1

Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. CIA, 1972. MAP FILE: 06-02-342

Lands of the Bible Today. National Geographic, 1956,67. MAP FILE: 06-02-343.1,2

Middle East Briefing Map. Army 1962. MAP FILE: 06-02-339

Middle East Road Maps. U.S Army, 1962. MAP FILE: 06-02-338

Persian Gulf. CIA, 1987. MAP FILE: 06-02-346.2

Southern Lebanon and Vicinity. CIA, 1990. MAP FILE: 06-02-347.1,2

Strait of Hormuz and Vicinity. CIA, 1987. MAP FILE: 06-02-346.1

Terrain Model of the Gaza Strip and West Bank. CIA, 1993. MAP FILE: 06-02-345.2A

West Bank. CIA, 2008. MAP FILE: 06-02-345.1

West Bank & Vicinity. CIA, 1992. MAP FILE: 06-02-345/992

Chinese Cities

Beijing (Peking, whole city). CIA, 1982. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.08A

Central Shanghai. CIA, 1991. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.10

Chengdu. CIA, 1989. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.14

Guangzhou (Canton). CIA, 1984. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.11

Shanghai. CIA, 1982. MAP FILE: 06-03-353.09